PetLight Technology

At PetLight Therapy Centers, we are proud to introduce you to our cutting-edge technology. The PetLight system is the veterinary version of LightMD’s patented light therapy system. It received FDA approval in late 2015 for human therapeutic use, and we have harnessed its power to enhance the well-being of your beloved pets. Our non-invasive approach stimulates the body’s innate healing response using flexible polymeric pads filled with hundreds of solid-state LEDs.

Years of Research and Innovation

Our phototherapy system is the result of extensive research, clinical application, and experimentation. It represents a significant breakthrough, incorporating state-of-the-art high-intensity, super-bright LEDs. Recent research suggests that LED light surpasses lasers in effectiveness, offering far-reaching benefits.

FDA-Approved Excellence

While not mandatory for animal treatment, we prioritize your pets’ safety and well-being. Rest assured that the phototherapy system we use is FDA-approved for humans since 2015. It is the first light therapy device granted FDA approval for elevating tissue temperature, providing temporary relief for minor muscle and joint pain, arthritis, sprains, strains, muscle spasms, back, neck, and shoulder pain, relieving stiffness, promoting muscle tissue relaxation, and temporarily increasing local blood circulation.

Our devices are thoroughly tested, approved, and completely non-invasive. You can verify our FDA approval with reference number #K142256.

Full-Spectrum Light, Tailored for Your Pets

Unlike many light therapy devices on the market that offer a one-size-fits-all approach with single-wavelength light, our highly programmable system caters to your pets’ unique needs. We have access to the full spectrum of red through infrared light because different parts of their bodies, including skin, tissue, and muscles, respond best to different wavelengths, as supported by extensive research. Our device not only provides proven wavelength presets but also allows manual input of red or infrared light frequencies ranging from 1Hz to 20,000Hz.

Grounded in Scientific Research

Phototherapy is a well-documented field, and each treatment programmed into our device is supported by solid research. Thanks to today’s technological advances, phototherapy has gained recognition as a therapeutic approach.

Denser Area of Light for Enhanced Benefits

Our LightPads emit light from numerous superluminous diodes per pad, creating a denser, richer area of light. This high-intensity LED technology ensures greater light absorption and efficiency, amplifying the therapeutic benefits.

Fully-Programmable for Customized Care

Our phototherapy device features its own operating system, LightOS™, making it easy to select preset treatments with well-researched light wavelengths or create custom treatments with frequencies ranging from 1Hz to 20,000Hz. As LightMD continually improves its system, ensuring your pets always receive the best therapy available.

Enhanced Comfort for Your Pets

Our light therapy device is equipped with patented LightPads™ featuring a novel flexible connector design between sets of LEDs. This design forms a grid-like structure within the hygienic polymeric pad, offering superior flexibility in multiple directions. It contours more effectively around your pets’ bodies, enhancing comfort and coverage. Additionally, this innovative grid design helps prevent LED failure, a common issue with phototherapy devices subjected to continuous flexing during everyday use.

Experience the Future of Pet Wellness with PetLight Therapy Centers.