Managing Pain and Limping

The Power of Phototherapy for Pets
Portrait of a light-haired gray cat with blue eyes

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Our 17 year old cat Silver was limping and no longer able to jump or leap. On the recommendation of a cat loving neighbor we brought him to PetLight.

Silver has had 6 sessions now (spaced out about twice a week) and without exaggeration this cat’s quality of life has improved remarkably. He no longer sleeps all day. He walks around the house and garden, enjoying the sunshine & interacting with our other cats. In the evening, he will ask to go out to check on the wildlife (we have neighborhood raccoons and opossums). He has a great appetite, grooms himself more effectively now and his eyes are bright and alert. We are so happy and couldn’t recommend PetLight Therapy more highly. – WATI G.

If your pet is experiencing pain, having trouble walking, or recovering from injury or surgery, petlight therapy can change their lives.

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How to Treat Pain and Limping

When you bring your companion to PetLight Therapy Center in Cupertino, they are first gently examined to determine the source of their suffering. Next our doctors will explain what is causing your pet’s condition and if they are a good candidate for PetLight Therapy, with your permission, the gentle painless therapy will begin. The PetLight Therapy unit is programmed for your Pet’s particular condition and the Light Pads are placed or wrapped around the area of focus. Deeply penetrating yet very soothing light is pulsed for 20 to 30 minutes. The application causes many pets to sleep through the treatment. Enter “PetLight Therapy Center” into to see what others say about our treatments.

PetLight Therapy Center in Cupertino is a licensed Veterinary facility offering a breakthrough solution. Just a few treatments can have dramatic results without drugs or expensive surgery. The results can be seen in astounding before and after videos at

“My dog has not looked this good in years. In a few short weeks, PetLight has brought back the lightness and balance in her step. Suffice it to say, I’m extremely impressed – and grateful.” – JESSIE G.

Treating Pain With Phototherapy

Thousands of studies to date prove that living cells can absorb light in the red and near infrared spectrum and the mitochondria convert these wavelengths into usable energy. This reaction produces a dramatic increase in cellular metabolism, which drives the appropriate healing response and reduces post-surgical recovery time significantly.

Like humans, our pets incur macro and recurring micro-traumas. Injuries can be slow or impossible to heal, becoming chronic with time and age. Suddenly your pet is coming up lame, or arching their back unnaturally, or walking more slowly and lagging behind, or dragging their toenails, or no longer wanting to play. Perhaps they’ve started crying out for no apparent reason, or they’re not able to jump into the car or up onto the couch any longer. Before your pet’s pain and limping gets worse, bring you pet in to see our veterinarian.

“Our 19 year old cats are grooming themselves again, jumping onto chairs and couches, and otherwise acting like kittens after PetLight treatments. What a difference!” –DARLENE M.

Portrait of two dogs looking up at the camera. One is a black lab and the other might be a white terrier. They look happy with their tongues hanging out.

Patient Profile

My 2 year old dog was suddenly stricken with an auto immune disorder after receiving a rabies vaccination. His blood work came back at the highest level. He was immediately treated with steroids and I was told this was all that could be done. But after he started PetLight treatment he returned to normal. My regular vet was astonished and said he had never seen this happen before.

The second dog was stricken with cryptosporidium (a nasty life sentence parasite). I have no idea how he got it but it created Inflammatory Bowel Disease. He was so sick. Originally weighing 48 lbs he lost 11 lbs! We started treatment for him at PetLight. His latest test for the parasite came back negative! He is still in treatment and gets 2 light treatments a week, but he is improving. I am now hopeful and very grateful to the staff at the PetLight Therapy Center. – BRENDA A.