A Racehorse's Quest to Healing

A story about Bombardeo’s triumphant return to the world of racing


Patient Profile


In the world of horse racing, where the pursuit of victory often overshadows the well-being of the athletes, there occasionally emerges a story that warms the heart. Meet Bombardeo, a spirited racehorse whose tale embodies resilience, healing, and the transformative power of PetLight™ Therapy.

PetLight therapy, an adaptation of the FDA-approved LightMD technology, offers groundbreaking solutions for dogs, cats, and horses grappling with conditions like limping, lameness, neck and back pain, and hind-end weakness. With a track record dating back to 2015, our sister brand, EquineLight, has successfully harnessed this technology for equine care. 

We address a wide range of issues, from sprains and muscle strains to nerve disorders, disc and hip problems, and auto-immune disorders, providing transformative results for your cherished companions.

Last January, Bombardeo was no stranger to the winner’s circle, boasting two 1st place and one 3rd place finish in his first five races. However, his promising career took a somber turn when he suffered a fractured front right knee. His health rapidly deteriorated, marked by poor body condition, low energy, ulcers, neck stiffness, and digestive/absorption issues.

In the competitive racing industry, it’s not uncommon for injured horses to continue training and competing, often with the aid of prescription drugs and medications. These substances may temporarily enhance performance but can mask underlying issues, potentially leading to more severe injuries.

Bombardeo 4

Therapist Profile

Kristina C.

Enter Kristina Chancholo, owner of EquiKneads in Woodside, a seasoned expert with over 25 years of experience working with horses and a degree in Equine Science from Fresno State University. Joining the EquineLight team in 2015, Kristina has played a pivotal role in rehabilitating numerous horses. Her holistic approach addresses both physical and emotional injuries, fostering complete recovery.

Kristina began treating Bombardeo with EquineLight in February, initially encountering a skittish and uncertain patient. As she recalls, “He didn’t even want to walk, much less gallop. But, once we got a hold of him, we started noticing a marked improvement almost instantly. Now, with just a little nudge, it’s almost as if he wants to show off!”

"Once we got a hold of him, we started noticing a marked improvement almost instantly."​

Kristina Chancholo

On April 29th, x-rays of Bombardeo’s once-fractured knee brought the good news that he could commence a post-injury conditioning program. He’s back on the racetrack and steadily regaining his racing form. Stay tuned to witness Bombardeo’s triumphant return to the world of racing!

Below are videos of Bombardeo running for the first time in four months after recovering from a fractured knee. Pure joy!


Owner Profile

Dan Schell

Throughout Bombardeo’s treatment, vigilant veterinarians have closely monitored his progress. His veterinarian advisory board reported improvements in all his conditions, from physical health to coat color and demeanor. Owner Dan Schell expressed his unwavering commitment to Bombardeo’s well-being, stating, “The only way we will take him to the track is if he is running free, meaning free of injury and past trauma. He needs to be mentally, emotionally, and physically in sync with his body. That means no Lasix (diuretic), painkillers, or drugs on board.”

Dan Schell’s dedication to Bombardeo’s holistic recovery reflects the ethos of PetLight Therapy Center—a commitment to whole-animal healing, both physically and emotionally.