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Cecille VMD, CVSMT

Our Veterinarian

Cecille O’Brien Greenleaf VMD, CVSMT

All clinics that use PetLight’s light therapy are run by a licensed veterinarian; that is why our Cupertino team is happy to have Cecille O’Brien Greenleaf, VMD, on board with us. Dr. O’Brien Greenleaf is a native of Pennsylvania, where she grew up in a warm and loving family amidst the peaceful natural landscapes. Her educational journey began with a BA in Field Biology and Ecology from Hampshire College, after which she pursued her dream of veterinary medicine at the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine.

During life after at veterinary school, Dr. O’Brien Greenleaf developed a keen interest in holistic approaches to healing, exploring alternative therapies alongside her traditional studies. In 1999, she had the privilege of studying with Dr. Richard Pitcairn, a leader in classical homeopathic practice. This experience ignited her passion for a more comprehensive approach to animal health.

In 2005, she expanded her skillset by completing her CVSMT accreditation at Healing Oasis, enhancing her understanding of complementary therapies. Driven by her commitment to providing the best care possible, she continues her studies at the Health Pioneers Institute in Naperville, Illinois, further enriching her holistic approach to animal wellness.

Recently, Dr. O’Brien Greenleaf’s personal experience with LightMD’s light therapy after a right humeral fracture dislocation piqued her curiosity about innovative healing modalities and their potential benefits for her animal patients.

We are thrilled to have Dr. O’Brien Greenleaf as part of our team, where her dedication and holistic perspective add depth to our approach in caring for our beloved furry companions. Her expertise ensures that our patients receive the highest level of care, with a focus on comprehensive well-being.


President &
Light Therapy Master

Daniel Schell

As the President of PetLight, Daniel Schell stands as the visionary behind the revolutionary technology developed at LightMD, spearheading the innovative solutions that define our groundbreaking work.

With a rich background as a 35-year veteran in high-tech startups, Dan is a pioneer in LED-based light therapy. His expertise in IC design, engineering, and corporate management has positioned him as a leading figure at companies such as American Microsystems Inc. (AMI), Eurosil, Elexsi, and Alient computer. As a prolific inventor and entrepreneur, Dan’s journey in LED therapy began in the early 2000s, pioneering one of the first LED light therapy devices at APL. His contributions include extensive research in therapeutic protocols for both humans and animals, leading him to be our very own Light Therapy Master.

Dan’s lifelong love for horses, cultivated from growing up on a horse ranch, played a pivotal role in his journey to establish PetLight. His work with LightMD brought him to Dubai, where he and his team worked on some of the world’s premier racehorses. The success witnessed there showcased the efficacy of light therapy, motivating Dan to introduce this innovative and non-invasive approach to the veterinary world with the goal of helping more animals. 

Fueled by personal experiences and a commitment to filling a void in pet care, Dan initiated the development of PetLight. Today, under his expert guidance, PetLight has become a reality, offering unprecedented light therapy solutions for pets worldwide.


Dog Whisperer

Suzie Melton

Meet Suzie Melton, a dedicated member of the PetLight family committed to bringing healing light to our beloved pets. Raised in the Bay Area, Suzie’s journey began with a vibrant career as a neon glass artist in San Francisco, where her artistic flair blossomed. Her creative endeavors extended to serving as a Concert Concierge with Bill Graham Presents, adding an exciting chapter to her professional journey.

With a heart for animals, Suzie has been actively involved in NorCal Bulldog Rescue for an impressive 25 years, focusing on her passion for English Bulldogs and Frenchies. Her diverse background also includes volunteering at an Elephant Sanctuary in Thailand. Introduced to PetLight by the clinic’s vet, Suzie was captivated by the transformative potential of light therapy. Her deep understanding of English Bulldogs and Frenchies, coupled with her genuine love for both animals and people, led her to be the “dog whisperer” at PetLight.

As a valuable team member, Suzie Melton brings a wealth of experience, compassion, and a unique perspective to PetLight. Her genuine connection with animals and fascination for the healing process makes her an integral part of our mission to enhance the well-being of pets through the transformative power of light therapy. We are fortunate to have Suzie contributing her passion and expertise to the PetLight community.

PetLight Therapy Center is a licensed veterinary facility with a heartfelt mission. Established in 2016, our aim is to resolve neuro-musculoskeletal issues in dogs and cats without resorting to surgery.
Musculoskeletal-related disorders are the  third most  prevalent disease in first-opinion veterinary practices.

For years, the primary treatment approach for musculoskeletal-related disorders has been symptom management using anti-inflammatories, muscle relaxers, and narcotics.

At PetLight Therapy Center, we offer cutting-edge FDA-approved therapeutic light therapy for animals. We are also proud to provide gentle and effective treatments.

Our goal is to prevent long-term issues caused by recurrent trauma, which can lead to permanent complications if left untreated. We are committed to ensuring a brighter, healthier future for your beloved pets.

Our Technology

LightMD Light Therapy Technology

At PetLight, we employ the latest in light therapeutics that is capable of targeting a large variety of ailments.

PetLight is a proud subsidiary of LightMD, Inc., a renowned Bay Area company dedicated to enhancing the well-being of people by offering effective pain relief through their patented advanced Phototherapy System.

Veterinarians who embraced LightMD’s “better-than-laser” technology witnessed remarkable outcomes for their furry patients. Dogs that were once crippled regained the use of their legs, horses with torn ligaments experienced faster recoveries, wounds healed with minimal scarring, and post-surgical rehabilitation accelerated.

In 2015, LightMD’s groundbreaking system received FDA approval for human pain relief. Inspired by the incredible results, a group of passionate individuals decided to extend this effective therapy to our beloved animal companions. Thus, PetLight was born, and in April 2016, we proudly opened our inaugural PetLight Therapy Center in Cupertino, CA.

EquineLight for Large Animals

When PetLight was formed in 2015, we also formed EquineLight to help our large animal friends in the Bay Area. Help your injured horses recover faster and get back on their feet.

For horses and equine help, visit EquineLight.VET or contact Kristina Chancholo: (408) 828‑8721
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