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Bob the Chihuahua



What Our Clients Are Saying

I highly recommend you contact PetLight if your dog is having any muscle or skeletal problems. Bob is a happy camper and so are we!
Rachel H.
Los Gatos, CA
We are grateful for PetLight and I have already referred two friends. They even works on little guys (like chinchillas and guinea pigs).
Chris L.
San Antonio, TX
I would do anything for my old girl, but the cost for the two visits was FAR less expensive than seeing the vet, having x-rays taken, blood drawn, and medication prescribed.
M. A. S.
Sunnyvale, CA
Our 19 year old cats are grooming themselves again, jumping onto chairs and couches, and otherwise acting like kittens after PetLight treatments. What a difference!
Darlene M.
Palo Alto, CA
I would estimate that my dog's back pain was reduced 80% within the first week.
Cupertino, CA
My dog has not looked this good in years. In a few short weeks, PetLight has brought back the lightness and balance in her step. Suffice it to say, I'm extremely impressed - and grateful.
Jessie G.
Menlo Park, CA
I couldn't believe how quickly Momo recovered. He literally went from a bad limp to jumping again overnight after just one PetLight treatment.
Jinnie Y.
Bay Area, CA